Distributech purchases Xerox IGen4 EXP

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Distributech purchases Xerox IGen4 EXP colour production equipment


On April 27th 2012, Distributech completed a successful installation of a new Xerox IGen4 EXP digital colour printer. The IGen4 EXP is Xerox’s latest technological offering in the high speed production colour laser market. This new technology will allow Distributech to continue to produce the high quality digital colour print output that it has always offered to its clients and upgrades Distributech colour equipment to 2012 standards.

This new equipment allows Distributech to offer their clients the following benefits;

Faster product to market

  • The IGen4 EXP is almost twice as fast as our current technology and requires no dry time.
  • Productivity uptime is 20% greater than previous technology.

Increased output size

  • The output size of the IGen4 EXP is 14.33″ x 26″. This increased size allows for printing of such items as; 6 panel 8.5 x 11 brochures, & 8.5 x 11 landscape booklets.

Increased quality

  • Increased colour and quality consistency within run as well as from one run to another.

For more information in regards to the install and how it benefits your print procurement please feel free to contact:


Mike Lestage
Director, Print Services
Phone: 1-800-361-9494 ext 4923
email: mlestage@distributech.ca

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