At Distributech, all client solutions are initiated by a data transaction; an order placed on our DOX platform, a file transmitted by a client or data transferred via a web service call.

Each day, millions of transactions are received within Distributech’s secure infrastructure. These data transactions are the fuel for our communications solutions.

A wide range of data processing capabilities are required to translate these “raw” data transactions into high quality, relevant customer communications.

Distributech’s core competency is data management and our range of data services include:
  • Database Management – customized program databases are developed, implemented and managed by Distributech. Our team has decades of experience managing large enterprise databases leveraging Microsoft SQL server
  • Data Normalization – the process of combining multiple data sources into a single database with consistent file layout. Our client data arrives in every format imaginable and our team is expert in translating this data into a common structure.
  • Data Analytics – translating client data from multiple sources into actionable insights and multi-channel programs that grow our client’s businesses.
  • Data Hygiene, Merge/Purge, LCP, NCOA, Householding – a full range of direct marketing data services are supported by Distributech. These processes improve the quality of client data and minimize cost through postal optimization.
  • Data Integration – building secure links between client databases managed by our team and our client’s business systems is integral to many of our outsourcing relationships. Our teams have integrated data between our DOX platform and most leading IT solutions including Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and others.