PODi 2013 Best Practices in Digital Printing Award Winners Announced

Posted on January 9, 2013 by admin

Best Practices Winner: Workflow Automation Category
Manulife Financial Affinity Markets and Distributech Inc. – “Manulife Financial Moves to On-Demand Enrollment Kit Fulfillment”


Manulife Financial mails enrollment kits to prospects who visit their website or respond to a marketing campaign. Traditionally, these were standard format with limited personalization and included about ten pre-printed components, chosen from 2,500 potential SKUs, making fulfillment a complex nightmare. Their new solution has decreased costs by 22% while executing same-day fulfillment on relevant, highly personalized orders and eliminating inventory management issues.
“Transforming the Enrollment Kits to an on-demand workflow has enabled Manulife Financial to deliver a professional and relevant communication to their Affinity Market members in a streamlined process and at a reduced cost. The flexibility of updating various components of the kit versions without any risk of obsolescence has resulted in substantial savings,” says Distributech account manager, Robin Taylor. “It was a pleasure working with Manulife Financial on this transformation and Distributech is pleased to have been awarded the 2013 Best Practices Award in the Workflow Automation category for the ‘Manulife Financial Moves to On-Demand Enrollment Kit Fulfillment’ solution.”