Questioning the value of Direct Mail? Well here is a must-read!

Posted on October 31, 2012 by admin

FAO: Direct Mail Doubters..

I have spent the last few weeks having conversations with existing and prospective data buyers on the relative value of Direct Mail- and how that fits into the Direct Marketing Mix (i.e. versus email) and within the overall marketing strategy versus the Inbound trends of Social Media & SEO.

Have been asked more than once about Direct Mail- including at a regional Marketing Expo yesterday-‘What is the value/return on investment?’

Well- for all the doubters and new marketers out there…Check out these stats below from the DM industry (citations at end of article- plus a FREE download)

Here are my favourites
£205 billion- sales generated in the UK annually on the back of Direct Mail!
1.5 million- the jump in 2010 from 2009 open rates of direct mail for people aged 15+’s- an increasingly popular channel.
86% open rates- an unsurpassed channel!
81% of social media users like to received coupons and offers via direct mail- so proof that the divides don’t need to be there.
78%- of parents like receiving money off vouchers in the post- so a great way to target the busy cost-conscious families
76%- of young People who say they made purchase on back of direct mail- consider that next time you think it is for oldies only.
48%- kept sent printed brochures/leaflets around in their home to browse- so the brand awareness and engagement is lasting.
36% of small businesses don’t think consumers appreciate direct mail- but it is actually 65% who value it.
31% of social media users have bought something as a result of direct mail they have received.
These stats really are exciting- and proof that this traditional form of DM if done properly is just as (if not more!) effective than any other channel of communication. Like anything though- it needs planning, consideration and benchmarking/testing against other channels. dmpoint have a download available for all readers of this blog- ‘The 7 Points Of Direct Mail Success’ is found by clicking on this link… .

Once you have had a read- feel free to get in touch to discuss your next direct mail campaign.

Meanwhile- enjoy the sources I mentioned listed below- including some really cool Infographics . Cheers:

Business 2 Community – ’15 Irrefutable Proofs..’

Infographics Archive- Small Business Infographic AND ‘Does Direct Mail Work With Familie’s

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