Transaction & Compliance Communications

Distributech offers our clients a suite of advanced solutions that enable them to manage the secure and time-sensitive communication of transaction and compliance information to their customers. 

Whether it’s a customer statement, a financial report, a utility bill or a loyalty program statement, every piece of customer-facing communications impacts your marketing effectiveness. Distributech works closely with our clients to innovate and streamline the communications workflow, transforming each communications piece into a marketing opportunity to create deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers.

Key Solution highlights:
  • Highly-secure data  and state-of-the-art production environment
  • Advanced personalization
  • High quality colour digital output
  • Integrated print & e-presentment distribution channels
  • E-migration roadmap services that assist our clients in driving e-presentment adoption
  • Web-based customer portal  – DOX™
  • Advanced data analytics and insights that drive improved business performance